The north houston boys choir

The North Houston Boys Choir is for young men ages 8-12. The Fellows will be taught theory and performance techniques, all enveloped in virtue.

The North Houston Boy's Choir  is for Boys with unchanged voices from the age of 8-12*. Boys will be introduced to music theory, sight singing, vocal and performance techniques, and a lifelong love of music. The rehearsal is one hour long, once a week, during the school year. The student will need to be able to focus respectfully for this duration. For additional practice, the students will be provided a CD with their songs with which they will be expected to practice with during the week.

There will be an audition process. This process is quick and easy. It will allow me to determine the state of the Boy's voice and place him in the appropriate part (Part I & Part II). On the first day, Boys will be brought in 2-3 at a time and audition together.

The choir will be a special event for the Fellows to look forward to each week with an environment of higher expectations. For example, a dress code will be required (polo and jeans), nothing extravagant, but enough to make it feel a little different than usual. We rehearse once a week during the school year.

For scheduling, see below.

Monthly tuition is $50/boy per month.

For additional information, you can reach me at 281-429-7808 or email me.

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* If student is older than 12, he may still audition if his voice is unchanged.

About me

Born into a family with a long legacy of music, I began writing music as soon as my hands could reach the keys...and haven't stopped since. I was a homeschool student K-12 and grew up in Conroe. Aside from natural ability, my music education started early with piano lessons and choir. The Choir, Heaven Sent Choirs, was under the Directorship of Leland Fleming. I studied under him for over a decade. Last year I took a formal internship with him in his Elementary aged Choir (The Childrens Chorus). After graduating high school, I have continued my music education through avenues such as self-study, college, an internship and a  mentorship for hands-on experience. Also, I have been leading worship at my church for several years as well as leading choir practice on a rotational basis. 

I grew up hearing the Vienna Boys Choir and was always inspired to start my own Boys Choir; hence, The North Houston Boys Choir.  I am a composer for film, yet choir has played a major role in my musical journey. As Director, I will be dedicated to teaching the Fellows good literature and musical taste.