The Studio

Size does matter; and it's not just because I live in Texas.

At Z | Music, I am privileged to work with a great set of tools. 

A Composer's studio is where the creativity is realized. Thus, to best represent the latest creative juices, having state-of-the-art tools is a must. The speed of a computer is crucial to the efficiency of your workflow. Working on a 27-inch iMac with an i7 processor, 32Gb's of RAM, and 3TB's of hard drive space, my speed is top-notch. 

A Composer also has to have a great set of software libraries. Below is a list of my foremost libraries:

Orchestral Libraries

Hollywood Strings

Berlin Woodwinds Exp. B

CineBrass Core

Spitfire's Albion One

The 1969 Steinway Piano


8Dio's Liberis (Boy's Choir)


Audio Imperia's Shredders

Numerous Spitfire LAB Libraries

Retro Machines


I can also play a number of real instruments that I use in some of my music such as Guitar, Mandolin, Penny Whistle. I am also privileged to know plenty of talented musicians of different instruments as well as vocalists. The often prove invaluable.